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  • ISO 9001 - 2015
  • ISO 9001 - Vision

A.P.I. - Advanced Pneumatic Industries - is an Italian company specialised in the manufacturing of pneumatic components.

A.P.I. started in 1987 as an individual company, and turned into Limited in 1990. The mission was to create a company with an international printing, our vision, to become a player with a more important role in this constantly changing market. The first products A.P.I. manufactured were circuit accessories, but for long time most of products in API catalogue such as valves and cylinders were manufactured elsewhere. This state of things had a brake in year 1999 when the decision of manufacturing directly our products was taken: the property infact started investing in a qualified R&D office and in a modern manufacturing unit, so as to enable the internal production of the whole range of our components. Then, in the year 2007, another manufacturing unit was established, and it also works in different fields, not only with pneumatics.

Today our catalogue, available in Italian, English, French, Chinese and olso online on our website, offer a wide range of products our own made and is divided in 5 chapters: actuators, valves, airline equipment, accessories, stainless steel components. On request, we also offer bespoke solutions on specific customer design and branded products. Thus a matter of fact A.P.I. doesn’t manufacture only parts in series, but meets with Customer’s needs and offers products studied to fit to each specific sector. Although the company operates in a highly technical field and evolving its dimensions allow a good flexibility to adapt to the specific needs of each customer and application. So we allocate significant resources to Research & Development, and for preserving high quality standards as well.

Quality, safety and transparency of the production processes are the fundamental elements of a company policy that led A.P.I. to implement a Quality System allowing, through the years, to obtain and maintain various certifications. Our primary goal is customer satisfaction, and for this reason each item is checked with care and only after passing all tests, get the seal A.P.I. CONTROL SYSTEM. This allow us to successfully face the challenges of the new emerging sectors, the main engine of technological innovation.

Advanced technology and constant optimization of the entire production process allow A.P.I. to ensure the achievement of the scheduled objectives and the major competitiveness advantage. Otherwise after many years of continuous investments, manufacturing became progressively bigger until reaching today’s production capacity and problem solving; logistics, stocks, selection and training of skilled and expert people were part of these many investments too.

Infact the achievements and growth of A.P.I. are also to be shared with the daily working persons: a staff of collaborators highly motivated and share a passion for the innovation, the design and technology. All our technicians and operators are constantly training to ensure customers not just a product, but an excellence in the sector. At the same time the whole engineers team follows a program of continuous updating in order to better respond to every peculiar need from our customers. Teamwork and total sharing of the values and business targets add to the organizational model a fundamental value, that the market and the customers perceive and appreciate. Also many professionals freelances are helping us at looking after our marketing material such as publication in specialized field newspapers, exhibitions, and so on.

One of the values leading us since the foundation of the company and through these years, which we always considered indispensable for any achievement, is the importance of the human resources: work in a stimulating and rewarding environment are the basis for any success.

We think that only creating synergies and strong partnerships can produce remarkable results.


  • Pneumatics




  • Rod Cylinders
  • Rodless Cylinders
  • Various Actuators
  • Accessories for Cylinders


  • On/Off Valves and Solenoid Valves
  • Auxiliary Valves
  • Accessories for Valves and Solenoid Valves

Circuit Accessories

  • Hoses
  • Tubes
  • Connectors (Fittings)
  • Receivers

Air Conditioning Units

  • Filters
  • Pressure Regulators
  • Filters-Pressure Regulators
  • Lubricators

Parts and Components

  • Electric Connectors

Measuring Instrumentation

  • Pressure Gauges and Pressure Switches